Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's been weeks and weeks since I've posted on this poor neglected blog.

Life has been crazy busy and when I have downtime I can't be bothered to write in my blog. Even though I do regret it as there's many a tidbit which will be forgotten.

Uni this semester is well underway. I'm only doing one academic subject and one practical subject. So in essence a very light load. Add to that two days per week on placement and it changes the landscape of my week drastically.

My placement has been at a Mental Health team that specialize in mentally ill people who've been through the system and are now living back in the community. While I spend a lot of time with nothing to do, the learning has been beneficial. I had now idea how devastatingly cruel serious schizophrenia was nor how much it was affected by the overuse of alcohol and drugs. The team I've been allocated to, are an amazingly dedicated and knowledgeable bunch of people. The team consists of nurses, psychologists and social workers. That team is embedded into a larger group of teams who all work with clients at a different point in their journeys. Recovery, if it ever happens is a slow process and would be impossible without the valuable input from these mental health workers. While it's an area I don't want to work in, I admire the people who do. Their undying hope and passion to help these people is truly commendable.

Kids stuff has been busy too. All three boys are playing football and are training and playing which of course involves driving around to various venues. I'm glad it's not on a Saturday!!!! Mickey's golf is going very well at the moment. He won the match at Alexandra Headland today against a boy four years older than he. Needless to say he's very happy with himself and we are very proud of him. Billy-Joe has also started playing again which is great to see. He's playing well too, and has won competitions. I'm delighted because it is creating such valuable father and son time.

The one academic subject I'm doing at university is unfortunately absolutely woeful. Apart from the boring content, the organization is sadly lacking. I can't wait for that to be over. The semester has been tough as we are all so acutely aware (and constantly reminded) that there are no jobs available. I don't want to hear it anymore. It's making me feel almost hopeless at times. I don't need that vibe. It's been quite difficult at times.

I put together a CV and addressed the selection criteria to apply for a post graduate nursing position with Ramsay Health. I'm hoping to get an I tear view and go through the process. One of my lecturers has suggested that it would be a good idea. Sadly there are no jobs on offer on the coast at this time. I've also changed my dates for when I'll complete my internship. I'll have a break at the end of semester and then complete my internship In October and November. I changed it in order to complete my placement at Nambour General.

During the week I received a phone call from Paul who was my facilitator at my Prac I did in the coronary ward last year. He runs a private ambulance service. They do patient transfers and specialize in servicing events. I was so pleased to have been offered a day of work with him and his team. Yesterday I was part of a team of medics who were at the Big Pineapple Music Festival. I had a fantastic day. It was a twelve hour day and I'm so rapt with how I coped. It was the exact thing my poor flagging spirit needed at the moment. I'm just so happy in that situation I don't even look at the time except to write up documentation! We sent four people to hospital via QAS and looked after quite a few more. Most more due to dehydration, a broken ankle and heat exhaustion. One young girl was quite unwell with some severe respiratory issues. We don't know what was wrong with her.

I worked with Paul, two other RNs, a doctor and three of us students. It was so exciting putting some first aid skills to use. Can't wait to be called to another job. I'll have two months off in October and November, so maybe au can work for Paul more then too. I was so concerned that my CV didnt contain any current work experience in the industry as many girls work as AINs (assistants in nursing) but I just don't have the time. I must admit though, work experience in what I'm doing is going to be much better for me than work as an assistant would. I'm so excited. I felt so alive yesterday. Looking after people is definitely where I'm supposed to be.

I also got to see Birds of Tokyo lol.

A new week begins tomorrow.

Have been playing Tribez in my downtimes. Nice and easy.

Bunny and I at Mark's 50th BBQ.

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