Saturday, January 5, 2013

Weekend in Moshi

Contrary to our many happy and party mode Facebook statuses, we are indeed working. But, we also have many hours and the great company to drink and have fun together. It's a wonderful combination of the two and often I think the things that we see are challenging us in ways we never anticipated and the party mode is a great release and coping mechanism.

The last few days Ally and I have been with the clinic doctor. It's been interesting to sit beside them and to follow their procedure of diagnosis. Both the doctors, took the time to explain to us what the presenting problem was and how she was going to treat it. The older of the two doctors did little in the way of physical examinations but the younger doctor was much more hands on. We were even asked how we would proceed to treat and I felt very humbled that my thoughts were respected and delighted that I was right and that she further questioned me about my thoughts.

In our humble and unqualified opinion, the use of antibiotics is too prolific. Without an obvious sign of infection, they prescribe ABs prophylactically and too frequently without any testing or confirmation of infection. I wonder how long it will be before they realise that the efficacy of the AB's will drop due their overuse.

We had a fun night last night. It was awesome discussing with Leonie different things. She's very open with us and I really appreciate that. We discussed things about uni and our nursing work here. Leonie was with us on clinical this morning. She spent most of the morning with Assey in the Antenatal Room. The girls went out to dinner while we fended for ourselves as the Dadas miscounted and did not cook us anything. The scrambled eggs and cooked tomatoes were delicious. We sat around drinking and even though we told the girls we'd go out to Glaciers we were quite happy to stay home. The girls ended up staying with us too. We had lots of laughs and enjoyed drinking together. My elephant pants split themselves again. I'd had them repaired once already but there was obviously a flaw in the fabric. That had us in stitches. The pant legs just ripped off and I was left with tiny shorts which we turned into a mini skirt. We went to bed around 11 and looked forward to a day by the pool.

This morning we walked to Impala Hotel and spent a few hours laying by the pool. We had lunch there and not long after we headed home.

At the moment some of the girls are trying to ring a taxi to go out. Ally and I are staying home much to the girls' disgust.

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  1. Fascinating hearing about the health processes, I'm surprised at the liberal use of antibiotics when resources are limited. Sounds like you've got a good mix of fun and work.


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