Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas in Tanzania.

I've been here more than a week now, and yet so many experiences seem quite surreal.

I would never come here for a holiday. You come to Africa for a life changing experience, not to have a vacation. So many feelings, smells, sights and emotions have encompasses me almost to the level of bombardment.

I awoke this morning, still reeling from what happened last night.

As this is a public blog, I won't publish names. My Mum had given me money to give to a person I felt could benefit the most. I'd chosen one person and then discounted them. I'd settled on another quite quickly. I was shocked, saddened, insulted and disappointed when my chosen person who was unknowing, presented me with a letter asking for money. I was shattered. And now I won't give them the money. Was it asked for out of desperation, or because it was expected. I don't know. I'll never know. And they'll never know what they missed out on. So I continue to look for a recipient.

So I awoke this morning, with that on my mind and knowing that I wouldn't be able to talk to my family. We had secret Santa which was nice but could never replace the love and closeness of a family. One of the gorgeous girls sensed my need and I felt so much better spending a few moments just holding her. Sarita, Aynsley, Daisy and Debra are my pseudo kids here. I love them. They're awesome girls. Sarah too but she distances herself a little a times.

We visited the orphanage. I was happy to see that the kids were clean and that their environment was much nicer than I'd seen elsewhere. The nuns and carers seem to really look after them and care for them. The kids were so excited with the gifts and attention.

Afterwards we headed to the Juvenile Detention Centre to eat lunch. The adolescents were very polite and eager to talk to us. I was so glad that the goat was not ready and wouldn't be for another three or more hours. Imagine how happy to know that we could leave and wouldn't have to eat the goat. We sat in their dining room for a while sitting on chairs that were broken, a table that was unsteady and crooked. A boy walked past us with a shovel full of hot coals. Huge wafts of smoke would come through the kitchen door and the 'dining room' was becoming hotter and stuffier by the moment. Hanna suggested we leave and everyone was in agreeance. We had lunch at Union Coffee and then headed off home. Most of us were exhausted and had a nap.

I awoke to schmirmoff time. Our Christmas dinner was really lovely. We cooked for ourselves. Some of the girls made punch, Louis cooked the chicken and meat, Hanna brought a cake and we all listened to music and chatted. Ally, Daisy, Sarita, Aynsley and I went into the sauna. Louis brought the shisha pipe with some spearmint stuff. Sharing the pipe and smoking was hilarious, especially for those who've never smoked before.

I had a fairly early night and slept in late. I'm so tired here. So much to assault the senses and to challenge me all the time.

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Location:Moshi, Tanzania, Africa.

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  1. It's such a different world isn't it. I found that in places in Thailand & Fiji, but I like being away from 'touristy'. You will always have those who take and expect and those who give. Those who give often have so little but they are willing to share what they have. It's such a rewarding and heart warming experience. You must be missing ALL your boys so terribly but this is an experience you will treasure forever!

    Thinking of you all the time and loving the updates xx


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