Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm going on an adventure

It's evening. Barry White is playing. I've had one of my best friends visit, my Mum came, one of Peter's best mates came. The kids had a fun evening. I bought them a movie on Apple TV and some take away. I'm having my second wine and waiting for Bunny to come upstairs after his long day.

Actually, I can't continue this post without acknowledging all that he does for me. It was definitely third time lucky with him. Because my blogs are all about me lol, I can be remiss and forget to mention the important ones in my life. And yet they are the pieces that complete me.

Bunny aka Peter and I have been together since late 1989. Twice married and yet not disillusioned. Still believed in love ad marriage. I basically proposed to him. I wasn't going to hang around if there wasn't a future. If you know me you know I'm direct. Have not time or inclination to tolerate gong banging. (Time wasting). Actually I don't tolerate anything that's useless or incompetent lol. But that's a whole other post.

Ok. I didn't finish this entry.

To be continued.

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Location:Home........for now.

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