Sunday, December 23, 2012


Most of the group were heading out to do a one day Kilimanjaro Climb. I chose not to do it. After the waterfall climb last week I know how unfit I am and that I would not enjoy the day. I'm so pleased I made that decision.
Akii, Louis's brother drove us to the Chagga village where a co op of farmers grow and sell their coffee and profits go toward making things better for the community. They're in the process if making the road better. They've put in a primary school and have built the huts and small camping area for tourists. We walked to a farm and learned about the process from seed to drinking the coffee. The tour was very comprehensive and interesting.
We picked the beans, used a machine to split the skin from the bean. Then, as the drying takes about seven days we were given dried green beans to follow through the rest of the process. After roasting the coffee in a clay pot, we got to drink the coffee. It was delicious. We walked back to the huts and were given a traditional Chagga lunch of banana soup, a beef curry, rice, banana stew and green beans.
When we returned home we decided to head into town. It was pleasant because of the rain, so it was cool and the dust had settled. We shared cakes and enjoyed coffee milkshakes. We walked around and checked out some of the shops. I bought some lightweight pants that I can wear here.
We ate dinner and enjoyed a quiet evening chatting, updating our blogs and Facebookm
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Location:Moshi TANZANIA

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