Thursday, December 20, 2012

Msaranga Medical Centre

Stupidly I started today slightly hungover. It made for an interesting morning at the clinic. Beatrice rang and was running late and asked us to meet her down the end of the road. We walked along, I wish I could film the journey. Dilapidated huts on the left hand side, deep ruts and large stones in the dirt road. The huts are homes, shops, hair salons even meat hanging in the open air (unrefrigerated) store. The store where we wait for the daladala was cooking chapatti and the reggae music was blaring. I sat on a stone wall wishing like crazy I was still in bed. I was so happy when all the daladalas were full to overflowing that I asked Beatrice to call us a taxi. We were delivered to the front door of the clinic all for $4.20!!!!! We helped at the baby clinic with children under five years coming for their free monthly checks.
The child is placed into a chubi which is a sling that can be attached to a hook with a scale to weigh the kids. Some kids love it, others cry which makes it hard to read the weight. Some look at us and cry at the mzungu (white people).
We organised the taxi to collect us early. I felt queasy a few time. The baby clinic was outside the choo (toilet). The smell was disgusting until the gardener/handyman came and flushed some water into it. Ally, couldn't smell as she's crook with a cold. And was also happy to leave a little earlier. We watched as two patients had Implanon inserted into their arms. I'm happy to see that the World Health Organization provides contraception for free. I felt so dreadful for the patients. The first one I witnessed I had to leave the room quickly to get some air. I was impressed with the aseptic technique but was mortified when they injected the lidocaine with the drawing up needle and then proceeded to implant the contraception without waiting for the anaesethic to take effect. It was obviously quite painful and the ladies barely made a sound. I felt so sorry for them.
However it's a much better

option than having another baby.
We had a coffee milkshake in town after buying some secret Santa gifts. It's fascinating and dusty and hot. I have decided to buy a mobile phone which will cost around $22. Two coffee milkshakes, a latte and a cappuccino and a coke, two pizzas and a chicken salad cost $22 all together. And that's an expensive store catering to tourists. We like it as you can sit in the verandah and the washrooms are clean and conventional.
I thought I'd been spending heaps of money. Buying alcohol, paying for taxis and always paying out in 1000s. I did a count and I've only spent about $60 since I've arrived. Unbelievable.
In the afternoon I washed some clothes, showered and slept. Tonight is alcohol free lol. No Smirnoffs or Barcadis tonight. I want to be much brighter tomorrow.
Ally has just had her braided and it looks sensational. I'm going to get mine done too. It costs about $18 and takes about four or more hours to do.
An early night tonight.

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  1. A wonderful experience although intense smells can be a little overwhelming at the best of times especially if feeling under the weather lol. Love the photo of the baby in sling.


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